How to choose the right Italian course for you

I love Italian, but where shall I start from to learn it?

You are sure now, you have taken your decision, you want to study Italian.

Where to start? Which is the right course for you?

Italian is the language of art, fashion, music, poetry, food, history and someone says of even love. It is the fourth most studied language of the world, no wonder why!

If you want to learn it, you need to rely on experienced professional teachers, who will guide you along the way.

Let’s see how to find the perfect path for you.

Follow these 3 steps to get a clearer idea

1. What is your levelof Italian?

The first thing you need to know is your level. Have you ever studied Italian before or are you a total beginner? If you are not sure about your level, you can do thisAssessment test that I have prepared for you, or you can contact meto ask for my help.

> Once this has been established, you can proceed with the next steps.

2. do you have specific needs?

I’ll explain myself better with some examples. For work reasons do you need to focus on a specialized language? Or do you live in Italy and can already speak enough, but you feel you lack a solid foundation of grammar and this makes you feel uncomfortable when you want to express yourself?

> Once we have clarified your needs, it’s easier to choose the learning path you need.

3. How is your schedule during the week?

Do you have a fairly regular schedule? Or do you travel a lot and therefore can’t commit to a course with fixed dates and times?

> Once you have defined the times and methods that you can dedicate to learning Italian, you can find out what is most suitable for you.

Well, if you have answered these 3 questions you are already at a good point to choose the right course for you.

Let’s now have a look at the different types of courses.

Live group lessons are ideal for you

If you don’t have any specific need and you have a quite regular schedule. They will help you to learn in a fun and very interactive way.

Learning with other students will ease the interaction and you will feel more motivated to communicate with others and to speak. The atmosphere is always enjoayable and relaxed and this will help you overcome the typical fear of speaking in front of other people.

Live 1 to 1 lessons are an excellent choice

If you already know a standard learning programme wouldn’t be good for you. Maybe because you need to learn a specialized language for business reasons, or because you already speak fluently and need to reinforce basic grammar.

Or also you already have some knowledge of Italian but you want to focus exclusively on pronunciation.

Well, in all these cases I would recommend live 1 to 1 lessons where the content is completely tailored on your needs.

An On Demand course is the solution for you

If you are very busy for work or family reasons and you already know that you will not be able to attend most of the lessons scheduled in a live course.

In this case, an online course allows you to learn at any time and wherever you are. Great, isn’t it? The best thing is that you can have the constant support of the teacher, who will get back to you with personalized feebacks and advice.

A tailored course is perfect for you

If none of the above solutions satisfy you completely.

I see, you are very busy, don’t want to committ to a course with fixed dates and times, but still want to speak with your mother tongue teacher and have a more interactive course. Then no doubt the solution is a tailored course, made of live lessons and recorded lessons, or of anything you and your teacher think you may need.

Well if you are not sure yet, then here I am! Write to me by filling out the contact form and I will help you choose the perfect course for you and build your own ‘world made of Italian’.


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