Who I am and what I do

My name is Federica, I live in a little seaside town in central Italy and have been teaching Italian for over 15 years Every day I share this passion with my students around the world and we do our online Italian lessons as easily and comfortablyas chatting on the couch.

Together, we overcome the uncertainty and doubt that come with learning a new language. As you learn to express yourself more, we share the pleasure of speaking and learning about the wonders of Italian culture and life.

And learning to speak Italian is easy and fun, together!
Federica insegnante di italiano con le cuffie dal suo divano per lezioni di italiano live e corsi on demand

Let’s speak Italian! It’s fun and easy together!

From classrooms in Bologna to couches everywhere

I started teaching in the traditional way: in a classroom with my students.
I have taught in many private schools, I’ve worked with Bologna University and run Italian courses at John Hopkins University in Bologna.

All this experience gave me a solid base for creating my own teaching method.

But I wanted to reach more people around the world, so about 10 years ago I went to Japan to promote my online courses, which were quite new then!

My first student, a Japanese architect, was followed by many more – all of whom enjoyed learning the language and exploring the richness of Italian culture.

Later I decided to leave Bologna and return to my birthplace, Le Marche (click here if you want to see where), and online teaching became my way of helping people discover the beauty of the Italian language and sharing it with others.
As well as teaching our beautiful language, I also began talking about Italy, its culture and lifestyle; its beautiful beaches, green hills, art, literature and food – even sharing the pleasure of a good coffee together…
And so I carried on teaching my students to speak Italian from the comfort of my couch.

The more I do my job, the more I love it!

To me, teaching Italian is like planting a seed and watching it grow.
When I was a child, I used to love planting seeds, looking after them and watching them take root and begin to grow strong.

A local newspaper in Macerata (my hometown) once wrote an article about me called “La bambina e la quercia” (The little girl and the oak tree) about how I had planted an acorn that had grown into a beautiful, strong specimen of this symbolic and protected tree.

To me, teaching a language is about having that same trust and believing that growth can be nurtured and developed.

I plant the seed, look after it, guide it with love and dedication, and eventually see it grow big and strong.

In the same way, my students take their first tentative steps, begin to learn and express themselves in Italian.

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The smiling teacher.

I don’t just work and teach with a smile.
I’m a naturally smiley person all the time.
It’s part of my positive outlook on life. I try to share this positivity with my students and I also find their enthusiasm and energy infectious.

Honesty and consistency are two of my core values.

I draw strength from my family: from my children, who keep me so busy and fill me with energy. From my partner, who believes in me and supports me every step of the way. And from my many aunts, uncles and cousins who support me and keep me smiling.

Our smiling lessons